If you feel you would like your own design on one of our candles we can help!

We offer custom candles where you can chose the colour scheme of your candle, pick which size you would like and then let us know your chosen design by emailing it over!

We can't always guarantee your design will work due to the nature of the product but we will do our best to try!

If this is something you are interested in then here is what to do:

- Email 

and ensure you type 'CUSTOM CANDLE' into the subject bar

in your email you must state: 

- Your name

- Your address

- The size and colour scheme you would like your candle to be

-And finally an image of your chosen design. (Take note that the candle designs will contain minimal detail and so you should chose a design that you think would work well with this style.)

We will then reply letting you know if your design is suitable and how much it's going to cost and how long it may take!

We look forward to seeing your designs!